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Ryan Reid is a soulful rocker from Stillwater, Oklahoma. Ryan bows his head in respect to all who have come before him by blending the classic rock and blues styles of the 60s and 70s greats with the spirit of the legendary soul singers; delivering it with a smooth grit and passion. Get ready for the groove, the power, the soul & the truth because with Ryan Reid, that is exactly what you are going to get! LIGHT IT UP!



    Keep checking in! New tour dates will be up next week! While you are here click the watch it link and check the {Hundred Block Session} video! See Ya down the road! Ryan


    Get to play HomeTown this week! Gonna be at The Buckhorn in Cushing, OK. this Saturday May 23! Got some special people playing with me! Gonna be playing some songs from the new record that you helped make… so come be a part of the show! If I don’t know you, I would love to meet you. So come up and say HI! #fender #hometownshow #stoked!


    Big Thank you to Kevin Deems, Tim Cote & Carter Hulsey for shooting this for me! You are all Amazing! Just click the WATCH IT link or go to YouTube! Click Here


    Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I approved the final mixes on Saturday and we are ready to master! I want to say THANK YOU again for helping me make this album! Your support continues to amaze and humble me! I hope you were able to follow along on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as it unfolded! SOOOOO much more to come! I want to say thank you to […]


    Only 2 Days left and $3,574 to go! I can only make this record with your help! Please Click Here and give all yo can! Thank you so much for your contributions, words of encouragement, support & LOVE! I am so appreciative for you and all you do! Ryan